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The Long-Term Vision

These maps show the planned eventual routing of the Halifax Urban Greenway from Point Pleasant Park north through the city to Fairview Cemetery and the northern end of Connaught Avenue. This is a project which will involve the purchase of land from CN Rail and the construction of several costly pedestrian bridges, overpasses and underpasses. It will thus have a long time frame to completion.

This is the legend explaining the features on the maps.

Legend explaining the features on the maps

The Greenway trail will run from within Point Pleasant Park along the edge of the top of the rail cut north to Jubilee Road.

Southern section of the Greenway from Point Pleasant Park to Jubilee Road

From there, it will parallel the CN Rail line - whether it is elevated, at ground level, or depressed in a cut - to the Fairview Cemetery. From there it will exit onto northern Connaught Avenue. In its northern reaches, the Greenway will be connected to the Chain of Lakes Trail at some point to be determined.

Northern section of the Greenway from Jubilee Road to Fairview Cemetery

Detailed maps of southern section.

Detailed maps of northern section.

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